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Taking on Amazon by Changing Consumer Behavior and How to Vet Investors, with Zach Hudson of Deft

Justin Gordon (@justingordon212) talks with Zach Hudson (@nosduhz), co-founder of Deft, an ad-free, SEO-free search engine for e-commerce. A VITALIZE portfolio company, they are building the future of e-commerce search by enabling its users to find, research, and buy products all in one place.

Zach has 7+ years of experience in e-commerce and gaming technologies, and is a second-time founder. He is a product manager by trade, and a self-taught developer.

Show Notes:
0:00 How Deft is enabling trustworthy e-commerce searches
1:03 The evolution of Deft’s product over the last 2 years (since their presentation to Tyler Cowen - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6s3sz18xPac)
2:38 Zach’s background and how he teamed up with co-founder Alex Gunnarson
6:03 Narrowing down their target and why they started in the furniture and home decor category
8:10 Early customer discovery and product development via their “Wizard of Oz” approach
9:53 How they drove early customer acquisition via organic communities
11:53 From non-scalable acquisition strategies to the diversification of channels
13:30 The challenges and complexities of indexing products
14:32 The evolution of Deft’s business model
16:04 Determining where to establish a paywall for their product
17:06 Taking on Amazon and Google, and what differentiates Deft
19:08 How they vet investors
20:35 Establishing roles and responsibilities as co-founders
21:37 How being data driven fuels their growth
23:21 Which metrics they value most
24:35 Creating stickiness in their product (2x)
26:28 What’s next for Deft
27:30 Developing a browser extension and making UX effortless
28:58 Where to connect with Deft and Zach

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