Welcome to The Vitalize Podcast by Vitalize Venture Capital
Nov. 22, 2021

Angel Investing: Gale Wilkinson of Vitalize on Building a Portfolio, Identifying Strong Opportunities, and Increasing the Number of Women Investors

In this episode, Justin Gordon (@justingordon212) talks with Gale Wilkinson (@galeforceVC) Founder and Managing Partner of Vitalize Venture Capital, a $16M seed-stage fund, and 300+ member angel investing community called Vitalize Angels based in Chicago,

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In this episode, Justin Gordon (@justingordon212) talks with Gale Wilkinson (@galeforceVC) Founder and Managing Partner of Vitalize Venture Capital, a $16M seed-stage fund based in Chicago, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. While Gale mainly invests in the future of work through Vitalize, she also works to empower others - advocating for angel investing for everyone.

Gale is also a startup advisor, on the Chicago: Blend Board, in Kauffman Fellows Class 23, has an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, and is a dog lover.

Gale's Twitter: https://twitter.com/galeforceVC

Show Notes

  • How Gale began angel investing (In 2012)
  • Gale's background leading investments in 65 companies, investing $50M
  • The story around Gale's first angel investment
  • Getting more women to start angel investing
  • Building a muscle for investing - learning how to identify strong opportunities 
  • Choosing winners - Qualities of founders Gale has invested in
  • LPA: Delineating between Angel Investing and Fund Investing
  • Building a portfolio as an angel investor  - Best strategies, writing 30 checks in 25 companies between pre-seed and series A 
  • No matter how you start, just start - getting involved, adding value, deploying small amounts of capital
  • Passionate about sustainability and diverse founding teams
  • A few of Gale's angel investments
  • Time Commitment: An overview for novice Angel investors
  • Access: The two kinds of angel investing, passive and active 
  • Getting started as an LP into venture funds and how Gale made her investment into Mac Conwell and Rarebreed Ventures  
  • VC's evolving culture: Gale's community-based approach to investing, being an LP with Rarebreed Ventures, Emerging managers
  • The power of Twitter  


More about the show:

The Vitalize Podcast, a show by Vitalize Venture Capital (a seed-stage venture capital firm and pre-seed 300+ member angel community open to everyone), dives deep into the world of startup investing and the future of work.

Hosted by Justin Gordon, the Director of Marketing at Vitalize Venture Capital, The Vitalize Podcast includes two main series. 

The Angel Investing series features interviews with a variety of angel investors and VCs around the world. The goal? To help develop the next generation of amazing investors. 

The Future of Work series takes a look at the founders and investors shaping the new world of work, including insights from our team here at Vitalize Venture Capital.