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Feb. 10, 2022

Future of Work: Simplifying Decision-Making to Revitalize the Customer Service Experience, with Juan Jaysingh of Zingtree

Justin Gordon (@justingordon212) talks with Juan Jaysingh (@JuanJaysingh), President and CEO at Zingtree, leading the company’s mission to transform complex processes into clear actions for businesses around the globe.

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Justin Gordon (@justingordon212) talks with Juan Jaysingh (@JuanJaysingh), President and CEO at Zingtree, leading the company’s mission to transform complex processes into clear actions for businesses around the globe. Since becoming CEO in January 2020, Juan has focused on scaling and expanding Zingtree as a profitable, B2B SaaS organization working with over 700 customers worldwide. 

Juan’s years of experience in tech entrepreneurship include his time at Universal Tennis, the sports tech startup behind UTR Powered by Oracle. Juan led the GTM strategy and rollout of UTR’s community platform to elite clubs and tennis academies worldwide. Juan also founded ZeeMee, a social media community platform for high school students transitioning to college. Under his leadership, ZeeMee was named to the inaugural CNBC Upstart 25 in 2017. Before ZeeMee, Juan held various technology consulting roles.

An accomplished tennis player, Juan immigrated to the United States alone at the age of 14. A chance encounter landed him full tennis scholarships to study and compete at Georgetown Prep and then at American University. Juan says passion and integrity drive his work ethic. As he likes to say, “if it’s too easy, it’s probably not worth it.” Juan and his family reside in Palo Alto, California.

Website: Zingtree

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/juanjaysingh/

Twitter: @JuanJaysingh

Email: juan@zingtree.com

Show Notes:

  • What Zingtree is and how the company was founded on accident
  • Going from consultant to CEO
  • Zingtree’s initial completely organic growth (its first 600 customers, 150 of which are enterprise household name logos)
  • How early customers began leveraging Zingtree’s tool beyond its original use case
  • Going from focusing on SMBs to being enterprise solution
  • The challenge of joining a startup as a non-founder at the executive level
  • How Zingtree is improving the customer service experience on both ends
  • Defining their ideal customer profile
  • Applying their own product to their internal decision-making processes as they grow
  • Leaning in to the remote work style and how this has amplified the need for Zingtree’s software
  • The importance of investing in building culture early amongst a remote team 


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