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How to Build Resilient Companies & Support Mental Health to Prevent Founder Flight, with Matt Cohen

Justin Gordon (@justingordon212) talks with Matt Cohen (@mattybcohen), Founder and Managing Partner at Ripple Ventures, an early-stage venture fund seeking investments in B2B SaaS Startups in various industries ripe for disruption with a focus on workflow automation and data & analytics platforms. As serial entrepreneurs, they are actively involved with all their investments and aren't scared to roll up their sleeves and get dirty. They support entrepreneurs who seek to revolutionize the most competitive global industries by solving difficult problems with the most unique solutions. Their industry focuses include: enterprise software, healthcare technology, and industrial technology. Matt founded Ripple Ventures in 2018 to help entrepreneurs and start-ups learn from his experiences while giving them more than just capital to succeed. With their 'Operators-First' approach, they work with companies every day not just every quarter.

Matt Cohen is an entrepreneur and venture capitalist focused on early-stage technology. He knows the risk entrepreneurs take when starting a company, and understands what helps them succeed at the earliest stage. He has hands-on experience in selling enterprise SaaS solutions to the top financial institutions globally, and sees the importance of working with trusted advisors and partners early to help scale a business faster.

Website: https://www.rippleventures.com/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/matt-cohen1/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/mattybcohen
Tank Talks Podcast: https://tanktalks.substack.com/

Show Notes:
0:00 How the many facets of Ripple were developed
2:22 How to build resilient companies
4:38 The decision to build The Tank – a physical incubator space
6:53 How the pandemic impacted The Tank
8:47 How Matt is supporting their founders with mental health
11:58 Building strong infrastructure to withstand unstable markets
14:55 Transparency in their relationship with LPs
16:20 Their concentrated portfolio and deployment strategy through Fund III
17:48 Their Ripple Fellowship Program to support underrepresented founders and future funders
23:28 Matt’s perspective on the future of Web3
25:47 Matt’s family office and how he began investing as an LP
28:09 Where to connect with Matt and Ripple

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