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April 14, 2022

A Serendipitous Path to Democratizing Data Storytelling, with Alex Damianou of OpenAxis | Future of Work

Justin Gordon (@justingordon212) talks with Alex Damianou (@alex_damianou), Founder and CEO of OpenAxis, a company that’s simplifying and democratizing the data storytelling process.

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Justin Gordon (@justingordon212) talks with Alex Damianou (@alex_damianou), Founder and CEO of OpenAxis, a company that’s simplifying and democratizing the data storytelling process. 

Alex is a multilingual political economist & entrepreneur trying to figure out how the world works. After a brief stint at the United Nations and a failed attempt at a pro soccer career, he went abroad and spent about five years conducting on-the-ground economic research and policy consulting across several emerging markets in Africa & the Middle East. Before returning to the US, he then took on the research & strategy lead for a new $20bn smart city and the world's tallest tower.

Now, as a founder, he tries to tackle socio-economic challenges. After starting a macro/geopolitical advisory, he joined Andrew Yang's 2020 Presidential campaign as his national policy director and foreign policy advisor. Today he’s focused on democratizing data via OpenAxis, a Vitalize Angels portfolio company. 

Website: Open Axis

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/adamianou/

Twitter: @alex_damianou

Instagram: instagram.com/openaxishq/

Show Notes:

  • OpenAxis as a data storytelling platform
  • How society’s poor data literacy drove Alex to start OpenAxis
  • How Alex serendipitously got involved with Andrew Yang’s presidential campaign
  • Alex’s time working on the Smart Cities project in Saudi Arabia
  • The ideal co-founder combo of complementary skillsets and shared values 
  • OpenAxis’ go to market strategy
  • Challenges within customer discovery and onboarding
  • The community-building aspect of OpenAxis
  • How OpenAxis’ big vision fits into the Future of Work
  • The reality of being a first-time tech startup founder

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